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Committed to educating and nurturing all students so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship


Being truthful and clear are basic aspects of attribute and that we strive to be honest with you all to create solid friendships, an outstanding reputation and a far better future for our students and community.

All our missions are supported by two pillars: Our Donors and Our Volunteers. We simply cannot do what we do without your support.

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Fund Raising Events

Charity Golf

– MilVet Charity Golf ( Only for military veterans )
– Classic Charity Golf

Each and Every Donation Counts


We invite you to be a part of the Samriti family. No matter how big and little, your donation means the world to us. It’s vibrant for our association to be heard and known amongst the accurate people.​





As all public welfare societies do, we benefit people by binding the power of the many . Whether it be a small amount of donation, they make a massive difference when multiplied by thousands.

Samriti welcomes volunteer from India and abroad for NGO support and take on a multitude of tasks to help the needy in locals, volunteers, and external NGO teams at the same time. Use your existing skills in Management, Activities, Business Development, or Marketing and put them into action with your unique personality, ability to improvise, and hands-on attitude.

NGO volunteers are required in many areas for doing different jobs and internship programs.


Help us out with finance and fundraising or create business plans for aspiring local small entrepreneurs.


Support our NGO on Social Media marketing with Photos, Videos, and information about the proposed activities and benefits, etc…

Success Stories

Knowledge is power; education is considered as one of the keys to success and progress by many people. Unfortunately, due to poverty or underdevelopment, some of the country’s rural areas lack infrastructure, including schools, which have taken significant damage due to various social / economic issues. Many students in those rural areas across the country have lost their schools and obtaining proper education is a herculean task in the most affected poverty areas, which struggles to deliver a proper education to children among other numerous crises. Below are the some of our success stories TBD

Creating a Community of Learners

Small charities can bring bigger impacts

Taking care of our world also means taking care of each other. No donation is just too small: little by little, a drop becomes heaps.